Pranking Inspectors

Monday, August 25, 2008

Two disclaimers: All of these pictures are just straight out of the camera and of poor quality. Mainly because I am laughing too hard to do anything else. Also, if you're a male and squeamish at the thought of girl's underwear, just close your browser now. Don't even go here.

So tomorrow is the annual inspection of the apartments here. Jess and I decided to have a little fun with the people who will be in our home tomorrow. We won't be here, but have laughed hysterically at the thought of being the person to walk in on this. Her reenactment is below.

Knowing that Henry has scared people in the past, we took it a step further and moved him right next to the front door. Yes people, this close. I really wish I could be here for the moment that door opens.

Then we took it even further and decided that it would be mighty awkward for a guy (or girl) to walk in on underwear strewn all over the place. We took some and just threw them all over the apartment. Any of our friends from Bellingham might recognize a few key pieces. (Hey fellow Pretty Panty Exchangers).

IMG_8975 014

IMG_8973 012

IMG_8969 008

I am only showing you a very small amount of the underwear thrown about. However, I had to absolutely highlight this last picture because it is a wonderful tableau. Those have got to be the absolute worst pair of granny panties anyone has ever seen, right? I had to dig down really far in the drawer for that one. And then there's the wonderful little number I received as a gift about 7 years ago that really has never seen use. I thought it would be a nice little vignette for the person walking in on Henry. Yes? Yes.


Vicky said...

Did you set up a hidden camera? Because you really really really really should!

Katherine Laine said...

A live webcam broadcast would be nice.

Angie said...

We did think about a nanny cam of some sort, but then realized that at 10 at night we weren't likely to find one. We mourned.

mom said...

I sincerely hope they let you stay in those apartments because dad and I are not, NOT going to move you if the panty prank backfires. That being said...go girls!

Lisa said...

Surely you have a friend with a webcam. :) That is too awesome to miss!

Anonymous said...

Hey Angie,
How did the pranks go? Did they say anything to you guys?

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