Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jess is back. I would like to add "...with a vengance", but it doesn't seem quite right. She's back, but more like "...and we quickly settled into our old routines". It strikes me as funny that even with her being gone for so long, not much changed other than we hugged when we first saw each other. We aren't huggers, so this was our once-a-year-hug that was about due. Now that we have lived together for so long (7 years!) we just don't see any reason to hug. What's the point when your roommate doesn't much like touching? She's weird that way. And the more I say "hug" in my head, the funnier the word becomes to me, so I will tell you that I LOVE hugs, but only if I know you well. I don't want any inappropriate hugging like I get from some of my male coworkers. And if you're not my boyfriend I certainly don't want you to yet again mimic a coworker and kiss me on the top of my head while giving me a shoulder massage and then running your hands down my arms. True story. Still gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it. But how the hell did this post about Jess coming home turn into a "Good Idea, Bad Idea" segment?

Anyway, all that to say that after a month apart it seems like something should have changed. But it didn't. And that makes me glad. Glad that we have a routine we can fall into. Glad that we're still the same people. Glad that we like each other enough to have lived together this long. Glad that our place, both where we live and in life, is comfortable and cozy. Glad that we understand each other. Glad that we are are ok. With everything.

I'm just glad. She's back. Life's good. God's great.


Anonymous said...

I see why you changed to have your own blog. You're right that you were the main main main author.

Very kind of you to write such nice things about my daughter :-) I like her too. And am thankful as well that it's worked out for you to be good friends & house mates for all this time. Maybe not forever but for now, God's plan has been very fun.

You have some of the most unusual stories, Angie.


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