Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I am sitting here waiting and waiting and waiting for my roommie to finally get home. I've been living alone for over a month now while she's been in the Ukraine on a mission trip and I am about ready to burst with excitement over her imminent arrival. However, it is to be a bit delayed because her family FORGOT that she was flying in this evening. Yes, FORGOT. This is very like them. I even called her parents' house yesterday to make sure that their plans were in place to pick her up but when no one answered I didn't leave a message. I figured they were going to be all organized so I didn't need to worry. And all day today I kept fighting the urge to call them just to check in, but didn't want to be the pesky roommate who was super anxious for her friend to get home. Kinda like a kid on Christmas morning asking his parents if he can open his gifts now. How 'bout now? Please? Now? Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaase?

So as I'm waiting, I am going to occupy my time with showing you how productive I was over the weekend. I managed to sort and re-organize my spices & baking/cooking staples. I buy pretty much everything in bulk thanks to my friend Freddy's fantastic assortment of bulk goods. And by Freddy, I do mean Mr. Meyer. I maybe was a little too subtle with the name. Oh, and he's not a personal friend. I just like saying he is. In case you were wondering.

All of these spices I had hanging out in plastic bags in a big bin and it was just too annoying to try to go through all of them looking for what I wanted. A few months ago I found an old spice rack with these bottles and bought it so that I could repurpose them for my spices. I think I threw the rack away. Or maybe Jess took it to Goodwill for me. She likes taking things there.

New Spice Bottles

New Spice Bottles

I was also tired of having my staples just mumbo-jumboed on my shelf. It was time for some containers, so I picked up these fine ones at World Market. The best part of these is that I get to write in chalk. I hate writing on chalkboards, but having just a small square to write on evokes early 1900's schoolhouses. I don't know why. It just does, ok. And I love everything prarie/schoolhouse/old-timey. However, each of these containers came with two whole pieces of chalk, so I now have enough to keep one of those teachers in writing form for a year. What I am to do with that much chalk is beyond me, but I have them wrapped in a brown wax paper bag, which is another item that I could wax on in fake nostalgia ad nauseum. I'll refrain. For the moment.

Food Container

Food Containers

Food Containers

P.S. Aren't I so lucky to live in a place where the evening sun does marvelous things like this:

Sunny Day

P.P.S. Jess just called from her parents' house and she's too tired and sick to her stomach to drive home so she is staying there tonight. Sigh. Tomorrow then.


Katherine Laine said...

Bummer about the extra waiting :(

Great work on the organizing though. It looks fantastic!

Lisa said...

Nice work on the organizing. I like the jars and chalk idea. I don't suppose you feel like coming over and doing some magic on my cupboards? No? Don't want to make the long car trip to do my chores for me? Oh, well, we can still be friends. Love the new name. :)

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