Monday, July 7, 2008

Would you guys be jealous if I confessed to eating 3 pints of strawberries tonight? You would? Well then I won't tell you about how I just had to buy another half flat from Spooner today and wanted it so bad I raced back from work and got there 5 minutes before they closed. I couldn't even wait to put away my stuff when I got home and instead just threw it on the kitchen floor so that nothing would stop me from having berry goodness. And I most certainly won't tell you that I slammed a colander in the sink, dumped half the box in, swished with water, and went to town. It would certainly be cruel to tell you that the berries just melted in my mouth and I ate leaning over the sink so that my shirt wouldn't get stained with berry juices. Now if I were to tell you all that (and I most certainly won't), it might make you feel better to know that I did manage to dump a large amount of berry water down the leg of my jeans. But since I didn't tell you any of that, there is no need to share that I was entirely klutzy and despite all precautions, I managed to get berry juice on my shirt. And I won't share that the berry lady told me I still had another week before the strawberries were done. A WEEK! Since when to they go into the middle of July? Oh my word, this could be dangerous for me. Thank heavens I didn't have to tell you any of that or you might be mad. Or steal my berries.


andrea said...

Mmmm...I'm certainly a little green with envy. I'm missing strawberry season, but I'll be back soon enough!

Katherine Laine said...

Thanks for not sharing. Oh, and I won't share that my neighbor brought over a bowl of fresh picked strawberries from her garden today. :)

Sister Shannon said...

After reading this post, I proceeded to have a dream about it that night. I dreamed we were with mom and dad and sam and we saw strawberries that had a whole week left so I grabed a bag and filled it to the top. But you guys wanted only to eat the turkey club sandwiches they were also serving (yes, this was a road side stand). I was so upset that no one wanted any strawberries with me. See what your blogs do to me? I dream about them.

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