The Best Present Ever

Thursday, October 23, 2008

cutting board

For my birthday, I asked my Dad to build me a huge custom cutting board. I have been wanting a board big enough to hold everything I'm chopping so I gave him the measurements and he outdid any expectation that I ever had! He made not one, but two boards, as well as crafting the most beautiful kitchen tools I have ever seen. Oh my word, I love them! Thanks Dad!

cutting board

Look at how huge this is! It is so completely perfect and is absolutely the best thing ever when I am cooking. Seriously, the best present ever!

cutting board


Jami Janelle said...

wow! your dad is crafty shmafty! I can only imagine how many wonderful delicacies will be prepared on that board. Thanks Angie's dad! On be half of all of her friends that enjoy her cooking... THANK YOU!
Love you Ang! I love that you love to cook too! Hey. When I am not super crazy busy studying we need to have a girl date. til then... toodles!

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