Squirrel Boobies

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Today's entry is a guest blog from my Mom. Really, it was from an email she sent me, but I thought it was so great/awful that I had to repost it. Jack is our dog at home who is a rather largish dog. Thanks Mama!

So then we finally get home. A squirrel was trotting along the fence between Tyler's and us. Jack noticed the squirrel, too, but didn't do his usual 'let-me-at-'em. Pretended that it was just fine that a squirrel was on our property. So I let Jack into the back yard. Before I could shut the gate, Jack took off like a rocket...really...straight up. He cleared the top of the fence. But not to jump over it. He jumped up and caught the squirrel in his mouth as cleanly as an eagle catches fish with one dive. You should have heard the racket from Mrs. squirrel. I was just horrified! Jack ran all over the yard with said squirrel clamped between his teeth, and I swear he was grinning the whole time. He bashed the little creature on the ground and threw it on the grass. Then he'd pounce on it again and bash it some more. I was nearly in tears. I told Jack to bring me the squirrel and he DID! Trotted over with the thing in his mouth and put it down where I indicated. Jack was grinning and being a dog and the ol' tail was a-wagging...I am proud of myself for not yelling at him as he really was just being a dog and showing me his treasure. He did express consternation when I pointed for him to go back to the back yard. I slammed the gate and went to inspect said squirrel. It was a Mrs. I know this because of the tiny boobies that were full of milk. And we know that only Mrs. have babies. So I'm in mourning still as there is a batch of babies somewhere, waiting for mama to come back to feed them. Crummy world we live in sometimes.

Mrs. squirrel it still where Jack left her. On the grass between Tyler's and our house. It's lying on it's back, waiting for Larry to deal with it. Yes. I'm being a girl here, but I just can't for the life of me pick it up to dispose of it.


Vicky said...

The poor baby squirrels! They have been orphaned and are going to starve to death! Oh dear...

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