Letter to the Fondue Pot

Monday, June 23, 2008

Dear Wisconsin Trio Fondue Pot,

Oh how you must have loved us last night. And boy, did we love you! We're sorry that we abused you and cheated on you with two other type of fondue. We just couldn't help it though. We tried to be loyal but the siren song coming from the Artichoke Spinach Fondue was too loud to ignore. And then there was the Dark Chocolate Fondue. Who, if we're going to be honest, far outweighed you in pure sultriness. Granted, sometimes the sexy isn't always the best, but last night it was really the perfect ending. I'm sorry Wisconsin Trio. You're still our go-to cheese. I promise. So strong and sturdy and full of flavor. If you'll remember, we did eat you the fastest. Which means that we must love you the most. Right?

And then there were the drinks. We truly didn't mean to ignore you and your friends altogether, but sometimes those drinks really took precedence. And maybe we downed the drinks just a wee bit too fast, I do admit. But how could we help it with the glorious Yin & Yang and the refreshing Blueberry Mojito? I don't think it was you, Wisconsin Trio, who was making us loud and silly. Sometimes a girl just wants to cause a ruckus, you know?

But all is not lost Wisconsin Trio. We'll be back. We'll bring more friends. We'll most likely try more of your friends. But we'll stay loyal to you. We could never forget your bold support of us. We may be drawn to the flashy ones, but in the end we'll always come back to you. I swear.

Forever yours,


Shannon said...

You're the best blogger in the whole world. I cant wait for more!

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