Brain Dump

Monday, June 30, 2008

So here it is, a little past 1 am and I am wide awake. As in WIDE awake. I am not tired in the least. My brain just won't shut off so I'm going to do a brain dump in the hopes of clearing it all out. Here's what I've been thinking about (don't laugh, well actually you may because it's rather silly):

- I hear the fire alarm from the apartment complex over. It's been going on for THREE hours now. Am I the only one who can hear this? Why does it not stop?

- (Background info: My work email is all forwarded to my gmail account. I also am the contact person for several job openings we have out there at the moment.) When I got on the computer I had an email someone had just sent about a question for a job opening we have at work. Who on earth is at their computer this time of night? Oh wait...

- I can't wait to work at the Bellevue Festival of the Arts again this year. I've worked there for the past 11 years. I wonder what I'm going to buy there this year. Last year I got my square ring. Do I want another ring? But maybe I should get a print for our living room wall. Jess really would prefer for Christina's World to be gone. Maybe I'll do it as a surprise for her.

- Why are the sprinklers so loud? I hate the sound of them. Only at night though. They make me anxious. But why do I hate them? That doesn't make sense. I love the sound of the trains. But I guess trains and sprinklers aren't the same. Combined with that fire alarm, I am about ready to stuff toilet paper in my ears.

- I wish my sweetpeas weren't dying. The heat is too much for them. I just got them at the Farmer's Market yesterday and now they're wilting. Aren't they pretty though? (Pre-wilt)



I do so love those canning jars we use as drinking glasses (and impromptu vases). I love using things for purposes they weren't intended for.

- Is that silence I hear? What happened to the fire alarm? Did someone finally realize the building wasn't burning down and the firetrucks weren't going to come? Wow. Weird.

- Am I spending enough time with God?

- I don't really want to be a professional photographer. It would totally take the fun out of it. And it would mean I would have to learn all that technical stuff about it. I just don't care enough to do that. But I want some new lenses for my camera. Do I have the money or should I wait?

-How tired am I going to be tomorrow? Is staying up like this going to make me sick? When am I going to be able to get to sleep? Why the really odd insomnia? It's not like I'm feeling super hot and sticky or anything. (I swear that's the truth, even though it might have come out sarcastically.)

- The Roomie is leaving in two days for a mission trip to the Ukraine. I get the place to myself for over a month! YIPPEE!

- I really want to make a layer cake. But I don't have anyone or anything to make it for. Would it be weird to make it for myself? But then what on earth do I do with the rest of it when I obviously won't be able to eat it?

- What can I do with the bulgar I have sitting in my cupboard? Is there a salad I can whip up? Hmmm... maybe it's time to foodblogsearch it.

- Maybe I should read something boring to see if I fall asleep. Ok Bible, here I come... (TOTALLY joking with that one)

- Well, actually, maybe I really should go read my Bible.


Katherine Laine said...

That was fun. Thanks.

Oh, and I love drinking from a Kerr jar too. I swear the water tastes better.

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