Day 3: DC prefunk

Monday, January 19, 2009

6:30am. I should so be asleep right now but am mysteriously wide awake. Just looked at the weather and it is supposed to snow. Joy! (that is said with sarcasm)

11:03am. I think I lied when I said that I wouldn't have internet access anymore. Jess needed to work on an assignment that's due for school tomorrow and we thought now would be the best time to get that finished. So I am currently sitting in Panera (free wi-fi baby!) and catching up on everything. I'm working on editing a few pictures to throw your way before she gets done, but no guarantees. While I'm doing that, you can check out how famous we are. The News Tribune featured us: Booyah!

1:15pm. I have updated yesterday's entry to include pictures. Just letting you know because I know I have some readers who use RSS feeds and might have already looked at the post.

1:16pm. It's fricken snowing here! Seriously, what is up with this?!?!

10:49pm. We are back after a marathon evening of seeing DC at night. We got some great pictures but are more than ready for bed. More to come tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

Ha! And here I had just logged on to announce that you were now locally famous. What's next -- CNN? :) --Rick

mom said...

Snow. Just think of it as solid rain. Which you love! Folks are so excited you and Jess are over there. We're all bursting with pride. Have a great time!

Amy and Bryan said...

Eat at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant for really good food. We kept the paper if you want it :-)

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