Blonde Moment #387

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's been a while since I've told you any of my ridiculous stories. I was going along being normal for so long that I forgot what it's like to pull an Angie. Thankfully I remedied that situation and once again have a reason to laugh at myself...

Yesterday I was jonesing for some Thai food and our normal Thai place was closed, so I ordered takeout over the phone from another restaurant that I've been to before but don't frequent as much. I drove to the place when my food was going to be ready. This restaurant is in a little strip mall, so I park in front and walk to the door. I have to walk a little farther than I thought I had to, but think that I must have just misjudged my choice of parking spots. I walk in, look around, and notice the decor consists of bright blues, reds, oranges, and yellows. We're talking vibrant colors here. Odd, I think, but I just assume they changed the look. Then I see the "specials" board advertising soft tacos. Our normal Thai place randomly also sells fish & chips, so I don't think too much of this Thai restaurant selling soft tacos. There's no one at the front counter, so I have time to look around some more and notice a painting on the front door (that I had just walked through), which says "Felize Navidad". I literally thought, "Wow, how multicultural of them". It wasn't until I was approached by a Mexican server that I realized I was not in the right restaurant. I was so turned around and baffled by my loss of reality that I actually had to ask for directions to the Thai place.

Granted, I did have some impetus for my blond moment. As I had been parking, I was doing a semi-terrible job of it and a couple of guys stopped on the sidewalk to gawk at me. No joke. Feeling slightly embarrassed that anyone had seen me make such a mess out of a simple parking job, I got out of the car and just started walking. I somehow was following the guys who stopped and was desperately hoping that we weren't going to end up in the same place. Unfortunately, I just followed them right into their restaurant, completely bypassing mine. I was definitely groaning inside when I realized we both needed to go to the same place. And then I just made an even bigger ass of myself and ended up looking like I was trailing them on purpose when I suddenly made a mad dash for the door after having to ask for directions to the restaurant RIGHT NEXT DOOR.

Don't you wish you were me?


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